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‘Summer House’: Where the Bravo Show is Filmed


Summer House is now airing Season 5 on Bravo, and there are some big changes on the show. Lockdown meant they had to spend the whole filming time in the house rather than coming to and from their real homes, for example, and new cast members like Ciara Miller also appear in the new episodes. The biggest change, however, was that the Summer House this year was an entirely new home.

Season 5 of Summer House sees the cast stay in New York’s Hamptons, but in a new location that had room for Lindsay Hubbard, Stephen McGee, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera and the rest of the cast to all work from home. As revealed by Lindsay’s Instagram, the house is in the Southhampton area of New York, beloved of wealthy New Yorkers looking to get out of the city.

The nine cast members moved in July 2020, with filming taking place in the Hamptons home over six weeks. This meant that the show was able to take a leaf from the book of shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother, which by quarantining everyone together were able to keep filming amidst COVID-19.

On the Bravo website, Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner filmed a full house tour that shows the extent of the property that the cast stayed in, including Kyle and Amanda’s giant bedroom, complete with a free standing bathtub and big window view onto the backyard.

summer house house
‘Summer House’ Season 5 is set in a new house in the Hamptons.

Among the other amenities that the house has included a tennis court, two fridges, a poll and hot tub, and a feature staircase from the foyer.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Lindsay said of living with her fellow cast members: “I think we attempted to establish chores. I don’t know if that ever actually happened. But I did a lot of cleaning. We couldn’t necessarily have a house cleaner because of COVID-19, so we did a lot of our own cooking and cleaning. I can tell you I cooked more than I ever have before. And I cleaned more than I’ve ever cleaned before.”

The first season, meanwhile, were set in a house in Montauk in the East Hamptons, described in a Bravo synopsis for the show as “a breezy beach town on the easternmost point of Long Island [which] has become the summer playground for young professionals who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life”.

What this does not, mention, however, is that it is usually a quiet fishing town, and that not every local was pleased with this influx of moneyed millennials.

Particularly, the first house was 90 Napeague Harbor Road in western Montauk. This was revealed on the local website Dan’s Papers, which revealed the house was available to rent for $165,000 seasonally (Memorial Day–Labor Day), $110,000 for June to July, $135,000 for July to Labor Day and $80,000 for August to Labor Day.

The locals were so unhappy, however, that Bravo did not get permission to film a second season and had to move. The show then moved to 1451 Deerfield Road in the Watermill region of Southampton.

Summer House Season 5 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT on Bravo.

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